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Journey Towards Collective Liberation


Embrace Your Inner Creator

Design with Divine invites us into a dance with our inner creator, that sacred consciousness and inner light guiding us toward authenticity and love. By living through this inner guidance, we navigate personal barriers and foster collective liberation, embracing change in ourselves and the world.

Join me in a virtual Conscious Candle workshop


On Sunday, July 14th, I, Julia, will host a virtual Conscious Candle workshop. Candles have a universal allure; their flame draws us to slow down and contemplate. When we embed our intentions into a candle, we harness this wisdom, bringing that energy into our lives.

In this session, you’ll connect to your inner light and explore ways to bring healing to yourself, your family, and your community. Through guided journal prompts, you will discover your areas of growth and share them with others. You will choose scents that resonate with your intention and create rituals for lighting your candle, transforming the mundane into sacred acts.

After the workshop, you will receive your candle in the mail, along with a video of me pouring it while connecting to your intention. The workshop runs from 3:00 to 5:30 PM Pacific Time and is limited to 6 participants. To sign up, please fill out this form and send a payment of $75 (includes domestic shipping) to Julia (Venmo: @designwithdivine).



conscious CANDLE

This candle is hand-poured with intention and infused with the energy of the moment through astrology, tarot, and/or oracle cards. These are small batch candles (5-12 candles per batch), and are crafted to align with a specific intention, using chosen scents that resonate with the desired energy. Current offerings include "I Am Not Alone" and "When I Am Rooted and Aligned, I Flourish."

conscious CANDLE Workshop

Connect to your inner light and explore ways to bring healing to ourselves, families, and community. Through guided journal prompts, you will identify your intentions and share them with others in a supportive environment. Finally, you'll discover rituals for lighting your candle and deepening your connection with your intention. Illuminate your path and nurture your spirit with this transformative experience.

conscious Coaching

ongoing partnership focused on embodying your intentions through regular dialogue and coaching. This offering is designed to help you navigate life's challenges and foster both personal and societal transformation. Ideal for sustained support in living authentically and aligning with your true self.


  • you believe in the alchemy of creativity, rituals, and play as catalysts for profound change, both personally and in the broader tapestry of life.
  • You seek to illuminate your life with intentional choices, yearning to connect more deeply with your inner self, loved ones, and the world around you
  • You stand at the threshold of change, eager for transformation and seeking for support as you light your path
  • you’re prepared to embrace your power to choose your responses, diving deep to unearth and transcend the barriers within.
  • You’re open to finding joy and resilience in the present moment, “weaving light through the shadows” rather than waiting for challenges to disappear.

I’m Julia, your guide on a journey where magic and purpose beautifully entangle, guiding you toward profound self-discovery and empowerment. With a rich background in engineering, social justice activism, Quakerism, spiritual friendships, and meditation as a path of liberation. I create spaces for healing, learning, whimsey, and celebrating the interconnectedness of life. Every candle lit and each moment shared invites deeper meaning and liberative change. Ready to connect to your inner creator?


Your Guide

Julia Thompson, PhD

an invitation

to an adventure that turns inner barriers into conscious choices, fueling personal growth and collective liberation. This journey illuminates your path, converting intuitive insights into impactful actions. For example, intentions to spread kindness, engage authentically at work, or mend relationships are not just personal milestones but acts contributing to societal healing. Engage with candle making, art, and introspection to unearth your deepest intentions. You're not alone; you're supported and uplifted as you boldly infuse intentionality into your life.

Why Candle Making?

Candle making brings ethereal elements, like intentions and dreams, into tangible everyday life. As you blend fragrance with wax, you’re invited to visualize your desires—perhaps choosing a rose scent to nurture presence with your beloveds. The curing of the wax symbolizes your intentions taking shape, encouraging you to explore these aspirations further through art and reflection. Incorporating a candle into daily routines transforms ordinary moments into rituals, acting as a beacon that gently reminds you of your intentions.

However, lasting change extends beyond intentions and rituals; it requires embodying them in your actions. Engaging in practices such as journaling or consulting with a coach is crucial for overcoming life’s challenges and living out your intentions, ensuring the spark from your candle lights a path of sustained growth.

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